This Texas Home Is the Most Popular Real Estate Listing in the Entire U.S.


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Everyone likes to browse real estate listings once in a while to see whether your dream home is up for grabs. Whether you are actively looking for a home to buy or not, hours can be spent looking at a variety of listings all over the world. If you actively engage in this hobby from time to time, there is a good chance you are aware of the kinds of homes and properties that are popular.

Large mansions with spacious rooms and amazing pools often get noticed. Other times, it can be places with great personality and charm. Of course, sometimes a place is just so unique and strange that it demands attention. In fact, it just so happens that one of the most looked at listings in the country is, for all appearances, a fairly unassuming home, but once you look inside, things change dramatically.


This seemingly normal home in Sanger, Texas is the most viewed home in the country on online real estate listings. The asking price on the site is just over $121,000 and is sold as-is. While most places are sold as-is, you might want to really consider that phrase when it comes to this house. The reason this house is so popular to view is because it is completely filled with trash. No one is quite sure why or how this came to be, but this fixer-upper definitely needs some tender love and care. While it is full of trash and the inside of the home doesn’t match the outside, it doesn’t mean the home is a lost cause. With a lengthy clean-up and some timely adjustments and fixes, this definitely has the potential to be a livable home in the future. Keep reading to check out some photos from inside the house and to learn more about this place. From the outside looking in, this place looks like a steal. It has three bedrooms, two bath and comes with a spacious backyard and even a covered patio. People were initially shocked by the price of only $121,000, until they took a look inside.

This is what they saw. The home is basically full of old and useless trash. There are several different mounds of trash throughout the home that mainly consist of beer boxes and cans. While there’s no real explanation for the house’s condition, it has likely been this way for quite a while. One thing is certain, whoever used to live here simply didn’t care about the home and allowed the garbage to get out of control.

But there is also the chance the place had been abandoned for a while and local kids have been using it to party. Either way, whoever buys this house is going to have a lot on their hands.
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