You Won’t Believe What Was Found Inside This Abandoned House!


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With the popularity of things like YouTube taking off in recent years, there has been a rise in a group of people called “urban explorers.” These urban explorers head out with cameras in hand and search for various cool places to check out in areas that not many people would think to look. The areas they look for range greatly, but some of the coolest things they find are abandoned homes and buildings.

The explorers then post their videos online and often go viral as people love to see these abandoned places, how to get there, and what the explorers might find in these places. These viewers would likely never have gotten the chance to see these things without their help.


There are hundreds and probably even thousands of different urban explorers all over the world but today we will be focusing on the work and discoveries of one in particular. Dave is a Canadian urban explorer who runs the website, a website that is the forefront of the internet’s obsession with abandoned places and urban exploration. Dave got into photographing abandoned places for a couple of reasons. One of which is that he simply loves the excitement of the search and enjoys discovering cool things. And secondly, he loves the feeling of posting the photos online and having people view them and comment on them. He also loves the feeling of being in an abandoned home or building as it can bring up a lot of emotions, whether it be sadness, happiness, excitement, etc. For fans of this stuff, we have a surprise for you. Recently, Dave has released new photos of a find of his. While he was looking around near the border of Michigan and Ontario, Canada, he found an abandoned house. And while this abandoned home looks fairly normal on the outside, you won’t believe what he found inside the home.

For some reason, it looks as if the person or family who was living in the house just up and left out of nowhere. All the furniture and household items still remain and outside of being covered in a layer of dust, they are all in good condition. It seems like everything was just left behind for no reason, including pieces of technology. Why leave this place abandoned? That, we may never know. And while we don’t know know why they left, we can definitely understand how they lived, based on the great photos taken by Dave. He made a number of amazing and cool finds. He said his favorite find was the gramophone, closely followed by a large number of instruments he found in the house. He said the house is one of the coolest and best finds he has ever discovered as it is apparently rare to find places of this caliber with so many things still inside of it. It truly is a masterpiece so make sure to check out some of the amazing things he found below.





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