This Frightening Prison Tour in Colorado Is Not for the Faint of Heart


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With Halloween right around the corner, everyone and everything is seemingly revolving around the holiday. And the main theme that is always present and surrounds Halloween is fear. And while there is definitely some frightening and scary things you can do around Halloween, it is all just manufactured fear.

You go through those haunted houses, haunted mazes and more because you know you don’t face any real danger from the actors or pop-ups throughout. But for true horror fans, there is no terror like real life terror. And if you think of perhaps the most frightening real life institutions, an abandoned prison has to be pretty far up the list.


Even prisons with active prisoners in them are terrifying, as you can imagine the kinds of awful things that those people did to wind up in there. But an abandoned or former prison is even scarier since you never know what kind of spirits have hung around after the awfulness subsided. But if you still haven’t turned away from your computer and started running away, you might be the kind of person who would be interested in taking a tour of one of these abandoned locations. If you ever find yourself in Canon City, CO, you definitely have to check out the Colorado Prison Museum, which just happens to be housed in an old women’s prison building. The women’s prison was originally built in 1935 and after being closed down and abandoned for a while, residents of the city wanted the city to turn it into a prison museum, which was a new and interesting idea for the time.

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In 1986, the legislature in the state approved the request and two years later, the museum opened in the former prison. Since then, hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world have passed through the doors of the museum to check it out. The museum is home to over 140 years of prison artifacts and history from all over the state. So now that you know a bit more about the past life of the museum, and the museum itself, you may be wondering why it is considered haunted by many? Well, according to numerous different reports from several different people, the premises is haunted by the spirits of the women who used to reside in the prison. You can often see orbs floating, hear screams or cries and even the faint smell of tobacco (when nobody around is smoking). All of these haunting rumors make the area a hotspot for people to visit if they are big fans of the paranormal and ghosts. In fact, you can actually check this video out to see a ghost hunt that took place at the museum, which will give you a closer look at how scary it can be.
So, after hearing all about the history and background of this place, is it somewhere you would still consider visiting? Or would you simply walk right by it?
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