The Midget Mansion: Easily Texas’ Most Horrifying Haunted House


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There’s a lot of history packed into the various unknown corners of America with numerous hot spots for amateur paranormal investigators to get a chill running down the spine. Few are quite as terrifying as the famous Midget Mansion – also known as the Gillespie Mansion – located in San Antonio, Texas. There are numerous horror stories within these walls guaranteed to scare pretty much anyone!

The Gillespie Mansion is easily one of the most haunted places in Texas. Located in the beautiful city of San Antonio, the “Midget Mansion” gets its unique name from a local legend which suggests that the original owner, Mr. Gillespie, worked in Hollywood and made a career for himself as a “little person” in various films. Mr. Gillespie also had a wife who was a little person. The couple had two daughters who did not have dwarfism.


Mr. Gillespie was a unique builder that constructed the mansion to suit his size. The mansion included tiny toilets, small doorknobs, and low walls. The Gillespies might sound like a fascinating couple at first, but they were reportedly very abusive to their servants. Amazingly, the servants were forced to stay in small quarters built for little people like their employers, regardless of their height or size. From there, the story of the Gillespies branches off into a few different versions, none of which are very pretty. Apparently, the father flipped his wig and murdered his entire family. The story goes on to say that the man cut the throats of his family members and dragged them into a closet. The family members tried to escape, but they all suffered horrible deaths. So, what happened to the crazy father? Stories say he committed suicide with a gun. Another version of what went down at the Gillespie Mansion is somehow worse. In that version, the abuse from the Gillespies caused one of their servants to snap. That servant killed the entire family, placed their dead bodies in the closet and set the mansion on fire. In the end, the servant committed suicide. These days, the “Midget Mansion” is a popular attraction for haunted house fans and explorers. Some say that screaming can be heard from the mansion and ominous figures can be seen through the windows. One version of the famous story says that the slain family wrote notes in blood on the walls where they were taken before they met their demise. There are a ton of photos on the internet showing the towering mansion of horrors and even more versions of the story of how the Gillespies met their untimely demise. Dark Shadows fans will see a resemblance between the Gillespie Mansion and the mansion from the 1960’s fictional television show, though we can’t say for sure whether the real-life horrors of the “Midget Mansion” inspired the soap opera. Either way, it’s the perfect place to visit for Halloween or even if you’re in the area looking for a true scare.
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