Definition of "bruno" [bruno]

  • Franklin Roy, known as Frank. born 1961, British heavyweight boxer (noun)
  • Giordano (dʒorˈdano). 1548–1600, Italian philosopher, who developed a pantheistic monistic philosophy: he was burnt at the stake for heresy (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "bruno" in a sentence
  • "January 31, 2005 wretched and roaring what a wretched weekend. the dreaded stomach bug picked us off one by one, first lola, then me, then max. now bruno is the last man standing ... but since we reckon he was the one who kindly brought it home from the office for us all to enjoy i think it may have passed him over, lucky bugger. fortunately, i think we are all on the mend now."
  • "a tale of cakey woe the last few days have been busy busy busy. thank god bruno is home now! he got home at 7. 30pm last night, exhausted after spending 3 days on his feet at the exhibition, schmoozing with designers, management types and about 4 squillion lights (apparently it was HOT HOT HOT in there, with all that lighting pumping out megawattage)."
  • "I should just start referring to her as Eva LongBOREia. ... popbytes - ... » sacha baron cohen's character 'bruno' now has he own website - and trailer!"