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Definition of "barium" [ba•ri•um]

  • A soft, silvery-white alkaline-earth metal, used to deoxidize copper and in various alloys. Atomic number 56; atomic weight 137.33; melting point 725°C; boiling point 1,140°C; specific gravity 3.50; valence 2. See Table at element. (noun)

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Use "barium" in a sentence
  • "In their attempt to separate radium from bismuth, both contained in pitchblende, Marie and Pierre found that by crystallizing the chloride of radioactive barium from a solution, they obtained crystals that were more radioactive and richer in radium than the chloride which remained resolved."
  • "The barium is thick and white and coats everything as you swallow it, and somehow this makes everything show up on the x-ray."
  • "The water is also often laden with barium, which is found in underground ore deposits and can cause high blood pressure, and radium, a naturally occurring radioactive substance."