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Definition of "broom" []

  • An implement used for sweeping, usually consisting of a bunch of twigs, straw, or bristles bound together and attached to a stick or handle. (noun)
  • Any of various Mediterranean shrubs of the genus Cytisus in the pea family, especially C. scoparius, having mostly compound leaves with three leaflets and showy, usually bright yellow flowers. (noun)
  • Any of several similar or related shrubs, especially in the genera Genista and Spartium. (noun)
  • To sweep with or as if with a broom. (verb-transitive)

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Use "broom" in a sentence
  • "Now you know, missy, of co'se, dese heah broom -- weddin's dey ain't writ down in nuther co't-house nur chu'ch books -- an 'so ef any o' dese heah smarty meddlers was to try to bring up ole sco'es an 'say dat Sister Sophy-Sophia wasn't legally married, dey wouldn't be no witnesses _but me an' de broom_, an 'I'd have to witness _for it_, an' -- an '_I_ wouldn't be no legal witness. ""
  • "III. vi.27 (417,4) _Come oe'er the broom, Bessy, to me_] As there is no relation between _broom_ and a _boat_, we may better read,"
  • "A candidate who does NOT fly on a broom is a now a serious proposition!"