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Definition of "voltaic" []

  • Of, relating to, or being electricity or electric current produced by chemical action; galvanic. (adjective)
  • Producing electricity by chemical action. (adjective)

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Use "voltaic" in a sentence
  • "[A] By the term voltaic pile, I mean such apparatus or arrangement of metals as up to this time have been called so, and which contain water, brine, acids, or other aqueous solutions or decomposable substances (476.), between their plates."
  • "We have means of searching into the constitution of water beyond any that are afforded us by the action of heat, and among these one of the most important is that force which we call voltaic electricity, which we used at our last meeting for the purpose of obtaining light, and which we carried about the room by means of these wires."
  • "A few years afterwards Volta devised what is known as the voltaic pile"