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Definition of "volt" []

  • The International System unit of electric potential and electromotive force, equal to the difference of electric potential between two points on a conducting wire carrying a constant current of one ampere when the power dissipated between the points is one watt. See Table at measurement. (noun)
  • Sports A circular movement executed by a horse in manège. (noun)
  • Sports A sudden movement made in avoiding a thrust in fencing. (noun)

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Use "volt" in a sentence
  • "I was reading this morning about converting Prius 'to "plug in" versions and about companies plans to make factory plug in models (chevy volt is an example)."
  • "I may run back down tomorrow and take my pumpgun and trap, mine cane be operated my the one shooting, I made it to work off 12 volt from the four wheeler."
  • "The electrical unit known as the volt was named in his honor."