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Definition of "unsubstantiality" [unsubstantiality]

  • The state or character of being unsubstantial, in any sense. (noun)
  • An unsubstantial or illusive thing. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "unsubstantiality" in a sentence
  • "Still, when I looked more intently, I was unable to say that it was really mist; for it appeared to blend with the plain, giving it a peculiar unrealness, and conveying to the senses the idea of unsubstantiality."
  • "They will have flung great arches and domes of glass above the wider spaces of the town, the slender beauty of the perfect metal-work far overhead will be softened to a fairy-like unsubstantiality by the mild London air."
  • "And the pervasive unsubstantiality creates an underlying aura of anxiety - the feeling that all of it can and will be leveled and scattered in some approaching cataclysm ..."