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Definition of "irreversibility" [ir•re•vers•i•bil•i•ty]

  • The quality of being irreversible; the lack of an ability to be reversed. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "irreversibility" in a sentence
  • "The nonclassical irreversibility is more radical epistemologically or cognitively by virtue of the nonclassical nature of the processes responsible for the events in de Man's sense."
  • "The material irreversibility is due to the fact that nonclassical processes are, by definition, irreducibly irreversible in relation to the individual events they produce as their effects, or the nonclassical correlations between such events."
  • "Something that does not have necessarily consequence or a long-term irreversibility - because you can always play the game again - as opposed to when you do something that you can't undo."