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Definition of "nutcracker" []

  • An implement used to crack nuts, typically consisting of two hinged metal levers between which the nut is squeezed. (noun)
  • Any of various birds of the genus Nucifraga, especially N. caryocatactes of northern Eurasia and N. columbiana of western North America, that are related to the crow and feed chiefly on the seeds of pine cones. (noun)
  • See nuthatch. (noun)

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Use "nutcracker" in a sentence
  • "This 10 Darth Vader nutcracker is the design of Kurt S. Adler, European importer since 1946."
  • "Am I alone in thinking the Thatcher nutcracker is kinda cool?"
  • "The nutcracker is ugly but ridiculous and ultimately without power or threat."
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