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Definition of "crown-piece" [crown-piece]

  • A British silver coin worth five shillings, or the fourth part of a pound sterling. See crown, n., 13. (noun)
  • A strap in a bridle, head-stall, or halter, which passes over the head of the horse and is secured by buckles to the cheek-straps. (noun)
  • The crown-sheet or top plate of the fire-box of an internally fired boiler. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "crown-piece" in a sentence
  • "But saving ae crown-piece, he'd naething else beside,"
  • "A sou, sometimes a crown-piece, a stone, a skeleton, a bleeding body, sometimes a spectre folded in four like a sheet of paper in a portfolio, sometimes nothing."
  • "A speck was seen rapidly descending from the heavens; it grew to be as big as a crown-piece, then as a partridge, then as a tea-kettle, and flop! down fell a magnificent heron to the ground, flooring poor Max in its fall."