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Definition of "magha" []

  • The eleventh month of the Hindu calendar; corresponds to January in the Gregorian calendar (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "magha" in a sentence
  • "I am magha lagna and simha raasi born 6th 1980 @ 00.45 am, Hyd ... despite being ambitious ... living in misery? where will i meet my soulmate? i'm a female living in USA. born on 13th Nov 1980 @ 4 am in Bangladesh? en Español"
  • "Answer hidden due to its low rating my last phase of sade satti is going alert the changes that may take place? birth star magha, brn1-12-69? any one can suggest me how to download free, the horoscope and the numerology software? my date of birth 14.10.1977. how my job, my money earning scope, i purchase ahome, time 5.30 pm? ramesh sir, i was surprised to hear for my husb that he will be ruled by venus for 20 yrs, sir pls tell in? en Español"
  • "Quoties tamen fpecTranda funt Obiec "ta, qiiae ex magha diftantia, vtfubmiuoritermino, ita notabdliter illuftria ap - parentVquia ex incremento Magnitudinis in Apparentia,"