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Definition of "magma" []

  • A mixture of finely divided solids with enough liquid to produce a pasty mass. (noun)
  • Geology The molten rock material under the earth's crust, from which igneous rock is formed by cooling. (noun)
  • Pharmacology A suspension of particles in a liquid, such as milk of magnesia. (noun)
  • The residue of fruits after the juice has been expressed; pomace. (noun)

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Use "magma" in a sentence
  • "There were countless miles of lava tunnels there, left by retreating magma from a time when the Moon was a burning young rock."
  • "Pockets of hot molten rock called magma collect beneath the surface of the Earth."
  • "And then this tremor that everybody's talking about, it lasted for about 50 minutes, meaning that the lava or the magma, which is lava that's below the surface, is actually making its way up towards the surface."