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Definition of "latitudinal" []

  • Relating to latitude. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "latitudinal" in a sentence
  • "To date, fisheries literature has suggested three approaches to this problem: the use of regionally specific climate projections that can be coupled directly to knowledge of the physiological limits of the species; the use of empirical relationships relating local climate (weather) to measurements of species or stock dynamics (e.g., abundance, size, growth rate, fecundity) and comparison of population success temporally (e.g., from a period of climatically variable years) or spatially (e.g., locales representing the extremes of variation in weather conditions such as latitudinal clines); and the use of current distributional data and known or inferred thermal preferences to shift ecological residency zones into geographic positions that reflect probable future climate regimes."
  • "It is interesting to see that in these earlier periods, Indo-European languages were spoken within a certain latitudinal band, where certain ecological conditions prevailed."
  • "The Cossacks and the Pilgrims must have shared some obscure latitudinal gene, some common trait that goes all the way back to the Indo-Europeans."
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