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Definition of "fasciculus" [‖Fas•cic•u•lus]

  • A bundle of anatomical fibers, as of muscle or nerve. Also called fascicle. (noun)

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Use "fasciculus" in a sentence
  • "The Extensor coccygis is a slender muscular fasciculus, which is not always present; it extends over the lower part of the posterior surface of the sacrum and coccyx."
  • "In the reticularis alba the longitudinal fibers form two well-defined fasciculi, viz.: (1) the lemniscus, which lies close to the raphé, immediately behind the fibers of the pyramid; and (2) the medial longitudinal fasciculus, which is continued upward from the anterior and lateral proper fasciculi of the medulla spinalis, and, in the upper part of the medulla oblongata, lies between the lemniscus and the gray substance of the rhomboid fossa."
  • "Gregoriis, 1491, in-fol., contengonsi intagli in legno (si vogliono disegnati non gia incisi da Andrea Mantegna) di grande dimensione, e che furono piu volte riprodotti negli anni successivi. Quest 'edizione del "fasciculus" del 1491, sta fra nostri libri e potrebbe benissimo essere il volume d'Anatomia notato da Leonardo."