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Definition of "laciniate" []

  • Having a fringe; fringed. (adjective)
  • Shaped or formed like a fringe, as a ligament. (adjective)
  • Slashed into narrow pointed lobes: a laciniate leaf. (adjective)

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Use "laciniate" in a sentence
  • "The medial calcaneal (rami calcanei mediales; internal calcaneal) are several large arteries which arise from the posterior tibial just before its division; they pierce the laciniate ligament and are distributed to the fat and integument behind the tendo calcaneus and about the heel, and to the muscles on the tibial side of the sole, anastomosing with the peroneal and medial malleolar and, on the back of the heel, with the lateral calcaneal arteries."
  • "Behind the medial malleolus, the tendons, bloodvessels, and nerve are arranged, under cover of the laciniate ligament, in the following order from the medial to the lateral side: (1) the tendons of the Tibialis posterior and Flexor digitorum longus, lying in the same groove, behind the malleolus, the former being the more medial."
  • "They comprise three ligaments, viz., the transverse crural, the cruciate crural and the laciniate; and the superior and inferior peroneal retinacula."