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Definition of "laciniated" [laciniated]

  • Same as laciniate.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "laciniated" in a sentence
  • "As it flows it takes the forms of sappy leaves or vines, making heaps of pulpy sprays a foot or more in depth, and resembling, as you look down on them, the laciniated, lobed, and imbricated thalluses of some lichens; or you are reminded of coral, of leopard's paws or birds' feet, of brains or lungs or bowels, and excrements of all kinds."
  • "In the same way we have laciniated leaves of the Persian lilac, _Syringa persica_, and Moquin mentions instances in a species of _Mercurialis_ in which the leaves were deeply slashed."
  • "A. Braun describes a singular case in a leaf of _Irina glabra_ wherein the blade of the leaf on one side was deeply and irregularly laciniated, the other side remaining entire."