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Definition of "gravitic" [gravitic]

  • Of or pertaining to gravity. (Archaic/rare, gravitational is more common, still seen though in compounds like magnetogravitic.) (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "gravitic" in a sentence
  • "Let's not kid ourselves, until someone develops fancy Star Trek-like concepts such as gravitic propulsion if we want to do this seriously we'll still have to go first to the Moon and start exploiting its resources."
  • "Starfleet had long ago established a host of technologies along the Federation side of the Neutral Zone to unmask cloaked Romulan vessels: subspace listening posts, gravitic sensors, tachyon detection grids."
  • "So I suppose if you ask it “how long would it take for me to fall from 30 000 feet”, it determines semantically that you are asking a question about gravitic physics, calculates distances, speeds, resistances, and masses, and tells you a number."