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Definition of "gravitational" []

  • Pertaining to, or caused by, gravity or gravitation. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "gravitational" in a sentence
  • "(Force) = (gravitational mass) × (intensity of the gravitational field), where the “gravitational mass” is likewise a characteristic constant for the body."
  • "And Dr. Szabolcs Marka, an experimental astrophysicist at Columbia University who specializes in gravitational waves, is applying his expertise to malaria prevention."
  • "Yet in these coalescences for the Weyl curvature hypothesis to be correct, and for these mergers to form larger elliptical galaxies, the non-conservative “friction” which results from luminous matter (LM) interactions must be sufficient to result in some long term gravitational pull on the dark matter (DM)."