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Definition of "grapeshot" [grape•shot]

  • A cluster of small iron balls formerly used as a cannon charge. (noun)

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Use "grapeshot" in a sentence
  • "There were three varieties of this: for long-range work (up to 600 yards) a smaller number of larger balls were contained in the tin (sometimes referred to as grapeshot); for closer ranges, more numerous but smaller projectiles were packed into the container (sometimes termed langridge); and a third type, called “bar shot,” consisted of a solid iron bar running down the center of the tin with musket balls packed around it."
  • "Marchons! "and at every word grapeshot fell to the ground, for the Colonel, in spite of the suggestions of war, was peacefully engaged, being seated on the top of a pair of steps thinning out the grapes which hung from the roof."
  • ""Armies still use what we could call grapeshot in tank rounds, which fire what is effectively ball bearings."