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Definition of "eriogonum" []

  • A large genus of plants, characteristic of the flora of the western United States. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "eriogonum" in a sentence
  • "The zygophyllaceous shrub had been constantly characteristic of the plains along the river; and here, among many new plants, a new and very remarkable species of eriogonum (_eriogonum inflatum_, Tor."
  • "The alpine spiraea grows here also and blossoms profusely with potentilla, erigeron, eriogonum, pentstemon, solidago, and an interesting species of onion, and four or five species of grasses and sedges."
  • "(_Stanleya integrifolia_) occurred abundantly at intervals for the last two days, and _eriogonum inflatum_ was among the characteristic plants."
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