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Definition of "denaturation" [denaturation]

  • The deliberate addition of a noxious substance to alcohol to make it unfit to drink (noun)
  • The change of folding structure of a protein (and thus of physical properties) caused by heating, changes in pH, or exposure to certain chemicals. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "denaturation" in a sentence
  • "I realized this promiscuity was likely attributable to the denaturation of histones during isolation in the past."
  • "I took a food science course in NYC this summer and we learned that acid found in vinegar helps make poached eggs by speeding the denaturation of egg proteins, while also preventing them from over-coagulating and becoming overly dry."
  • "Enzymes are quite vulnerable to damage by xenobiotics and many toxic reactions are manifested by enzyme denaturation (change in shape) or enzyme inhibition."