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Definition of "cymene" [cy•mene]

  • Any of three colorless isomeric liquid hydrocarbons, C10H14, obtained chiefly from the essential oils of cumin and thyme and used in the manufacture of synthetic resins. (noun)

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Use "cymene" in a sentence
  • "Looking at a dozen or so components, they determined that the main culprits in the tobacco malodor, after nicotine, include substituted pyrazines and pyridines (compounds that contribute a burning, smoky smell) and para-cymene (lending green or herbal notes)."
  • "The fact that rosin spirit yields a different cymene is, he considers, an argument against the view which has more than once been put forward, that rosin is directly derived from terpene."
  • "Finally, Dr Armstrong mentioned that the volatile portion of the distillate from the non-volatile product of the oxidation of oil of turpentine in moist air furnishes ordinary cymene when treated in the manner above described."