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Definition of "carotene" [carotene]

  • An orange-yellow to red crystalline pigment, C40H56, found in animal tissue and certain plants, such as carrots and squash. It exists in several isomeric forms and is converted to vitamin A in the liver. (noun)

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Use "carotene" in a sentence
  • "They therefore proposed that carotene is a provitamin, an immediate precursor to"
  • "A: Flamingos are pink thanks to their diet, which is high in carotene, a natural food color found in carrots."
  • "Rosenheim in London discovered simultaneously and independently of each other the fact that the carotene in carrots consists of two separate components: one of these, b-carotene, rotates the plane of polarized light to the right, while the other, a-carotene is optically inactive."