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Definition of "buhl" []

  • An elaborate inlay of tortoiseshell, ivory, and metal, used especially in decorating furniture. (noun)

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Use "buhl" in a sentence
  • "The inlaid plates of brass and rosewood, called buhl work, which ornament our furniture, are, in some instances, formed by punching; but in this case, both the parts cut out, and those which remain, are in many cases employed."
  • "Well, since they are calling for his impeachment I would argue that they ARE in fact alleging that he commited high crimes and/or misdemeanors: li ⋅ bel    /ˈlaɪbəl/Show Spelled Pronunciation [lahy-buhl] Show IPA noun, verb, - beled, - bel ⋅ ing or (especially British) - belled, - bel ⋅ ling."
  • "Through it all there is a feeling of stage properties, a smell of hair-oil, an aspect of buhl, a remembrance of tailors, and that pricking of the conscience which must be the general accompaniment of paste diamonds."
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