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Definition of "joule" []

  • The International System unit of electrical, mechanical, and thermal energy. (noun)
  • A unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere is passed through a resistance of one ohm for one second. (noun)
  • A unit of energy equal to the work done when a force of one newton acts through a distance of one meter. See Table at measurement. (noun)

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Use "joule" in a sentence
  • "An average of 420 joules of ultraviolet laser energy, known as 3-omega, was achieved for each beamline, for a total energy of more than 80 kilojoules (a joule is the energy needed to lift a small apple one meter against the Earth's gravity)."
  • "A joule is a watt-second, so this capacitor could deliver one watt for 0.4165 seconds, or 0.4165 watts for one second, or any other combination in which watts times seconds equals 0.4165."
  • "Ok then lets say it has to deliver above 2000 joule of energy on target at 100 yards and has to have a premium bullet .. 30 carbine out 30-30 in 223 out 22-250 in barely etc.. a 22-250 will do the job with barnes-x and a good shot .."
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