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Definition of "bee-eater" [bee•-eat•er]

  • Any of various chiefly tropical Old World birds of the family Meropidae that have brightly colored plumage and feed on bees and wasps. (noun)

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Use "bee-eater" in a sentence
  • "Here is a video of a blue-bearded bee-eater sitting in a tree in dense forest, looking alert, but it is not doing much else filmed in India: You are invited to review all of the daily mystery birds by going to their dedicated graphic index page."
  • "Although mainly foraging using aerial sallies, the blue-bearded bee-eater also gleans insects from tree bark."
  • "The blue-bearded bee-eater exploits the defensive behavior exhibited by giant honey bees, Apis dorsata, by deliberately provoking guard bees to defend their nest."
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