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Definition of "atomism" []

  • Philosophy The ancient theory of Democritus, Epicurus, and Lucretius, according to which simple, minute, indivisible, and indestructible particles are the basic components of the entire universe. (noun)
  • Philosophy A theory according to which social institutions, values, and processes arise solely from the acts and interests of individuals, who thus constitute the only true subject of analysis. (noun)

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Use "atomism" in a sentence
  • "So even Popperians who are fond of demarcating science from non-science, and from pseudo-science, leave room for a doctrine such as atomism which is non-scientific but not necessarily pseudo-scientific."
  • "Descartes rejects any form of atomism, which is the view that there exists a smallest indivisible particle of matter."
  • "Charleton tried to turn the tables on those who were calling atomism atheistic by declaring that, so far from being impious, atomism actually was a proof of the existence and power of God."