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Definition of "territoriality" [ter•ri•to•ri•al•i•ty]

  • The status of a territory. (noun)
  • A behavior pattern in animals consisting of the occupation and defense of a territory. (noun)

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Use "territoriality" in a sentence
  • "Viz., it appears that territoriality is an issue after all."
  • "Greater interdependence means that territoriality is no longer entitled to the hold it has had over the private international law of IP."
  • "One popular but now outdated theory is that the brain has three parts: the reptilian brain, which includes the structures and functions we share with reptiles such as territoriality; the paleomammalian brain, a group of related structures that manages social emotions and behaviors like nurturing or reciprocity in all mammals; and the neocortex, which manages evaluation and reasoning in the most complex mammals, especially humans."