Definition of "white-throated" [white-throated]

  • Having a white throat: specifying many birds and other animals: as, the white-throated sparrow. Zonotriehia albicollis, the most abundant kind of crown-sparrow found in eastern parts of the United States. See cut under Zonotrichia.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "white-throated" in a sentence
  • "Perhaps ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson had the best summary of Audubon ' s culinary predilections: Not only does he speak with a gourmet ' s authority about the edibility of owls, loons, cormorants and crows, but also the gustatory delights of juncos, white-throated sparrows, and robins."
  • "Ah, yes, cold weather means the return of old Sam Peabody, i.e., the song of the humbly magnificent white-throated sparrow."
  • "The white-throated sparrow is far from flashy, never one to spark love at first sight."