Definition of "tusker" [tusk•er]

  • (noun) An animal, such as a wild boar, that has tusks.

Use "tusker" in a sentence

  • "Closely related to the wild boar (Sus scrofa), also sometimes called a tusker, are the bearded pig (Sus barbatus) of Borneo and Malaya, the crested pig (Sus cristata) of East Asia, etc. The American humorist, Ellis Parker Butler (1869-1937), scored his first great success (in 1906) with a book entitled Pigs is Pigs."
  • "They would consume your fallen body in a moment, and I know that a "tusker" would sever a femoral artery and dispatch a hunter or child if it felt provoked, even if that very child had hand fed it that morning."
  • "Professor Romanes gives an instance of a fine 'tusker' which, when badly wounded, was promptly surrounded by his companions."

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