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Definition of "mammalian" []

  • Of, or pertaining to, mammals. (adjective)
  • Like a mammal. (adjective)
  • Any mammal. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "mammalian" in a sentence
  • "So, I guess, especially after Vicki Lundblad did her work, which I think was really the first experimental work showing that telomere maintenance was essential for avoiding senescence and therefore all of the other things that would follow from that, it became obvious that a lot of people were going to come into this field and move it forward in mammalian systems and explore the linkage to aging and cancer."
  • "Prions are propagated in mammalian brains and not in cell culture used to make vaccines."
  • "I'd been following developments in mammalian cloning since Dolly, the sheep, was cloned in 1999."