Definition of "system" []

  • A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole. (noun)
  • A functionally related group of elements, especially: (noun)
  • The human body regarded as a functional physiological unit. (noun)
  • An organism as a whole, especially with regard to its vital processes or functions. (noun)
  • A group of physiologically or anatomically complementary organs or parts: the nervous system; the skeletal system. (noun)
  • A group or combination of interrelated, interdependent, or interacting elements forming a collective entity; a methodical or coordinated assemblage of parts, facts, concepts, etc (noun)

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  • Any scheme of classification or arrangement (noun)
  • A network of communications, transportation, or distribution (noun)
  • A method or complex of methods (noun)
  • Orderliness; an ordered manner (noun)
  • An organism considered as a functioning entity (noun)
  • Any of various bodily parts or structures that are anatomically or physiologically related (noun)
  • One's physiological or psychological constitution (noun)
  • Any assembly of electronic, electrical, or mechanical components with interdependent functions, usually forming a self-contained unit (noun)
  • A group of celestial bodies that are associated as a result of natural laws, esp gravitational attraction (noun)
  • A sample of matter in which there are one or more substances in one or more phases (noun)
  • A point of view or doctrine used to interpret a branch of knowledge (noun)
  • One of a group of divisions into which crystals may be placed on the basis of the lengths and inclinations of their axes (noun)
  • A stratigraphical unit for the rock strata formed during a period of geological time. It can be subdivided into series (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "system" in a sentence
  • "The net heat flow is still from the hot sun through the system to the cold of space, the problem is that this is a *different system* than the previous one with less GHG's."
  • "I do understand the current system, and your point about FRB is valid _within the existing system_."
  • "As there is a railway system and a hotel system, so there is also a _pig system_, by which this place is marked out from any other."