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Definition of "matter" []

  • Something that occupies space and can be perceived by one or more senses; a physical body, a physical substance, or the universe as a whole. (noun)
  • Physics Something that has mass and exists as a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. (noun)
  • A specific type of substance: inorganic matter. (noun)
  • Discharge or waste, such as pus or feces, from a living organism. (noun)
  • Philosophy In Aristotelian and Scholastic use, that which is in itself undifferentiated and formless and which, as the subject of change and development, receives form and becomes substance. (noun)

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Use "matter" in a sentence
  • "~ In all the changes which matter can undergo, whether physical or chemical, two factors must be taken into account, namely, _energy_ and _matter_."
  • ""By appropriation it enables _new matter to assume similar qualities to old matter_.""
  • "Neither did the apostles determine the matter (as hath been said) by apostolical authority from immediate revelation: but they assembled together with the elders, _to consider of the matter_, ver. 6, and a _multitude of brethren_ together with them, ver. 12, 22, 23; and after searching out the cause by an ordinary means of disputation, ver."