Definition of "ryche" []

  • A Middle English form of rich.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ryche" in a sentence
  • "And the kyng of that contree is a fulle gret lord and a ryche and a myghty, and hathe undre him 7 other kynges of 7 other yles abouten hym."
  • "And thanne alle the cytees and gode townes senden hym ryche presentes; so that at that iourneye, he schalle have more than 60 chariottes charged with gold and sylver, with outen jewelles of gold and precyouse stones, that lordes zeven hym, that ben withouten estymacioun: and with outen hors and clothes of gold and of Camakaas and Tartarynes, that ben with outen nombre."
  • "And it is so ryche, that, men preysen it to the value of a roialme, in that contre."