Definition of "octupling" []

  • A quantity or number eight times as great as another (noun)
  • Eight times as much or as many (adjective)
  • Consisting of eight parts (adjective)
  • To multiply by eight (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "octupling" in a sentence
  • "Hence, the whole idea of lending gazillions to Californians, of octupling mortgage dollars going to Hispanics from 1999 to 2006, ever made any sense."
  • "I don't entertain any fantasies about eight-hour writing days and octupling my former productivity -- I've heard enough from other writers who have gone full-time that life expands to fill much of the time that the day job used to, and I don't even intend to try to write full-time."
  • "Even if you took the longer-term view, and didn't bail out of stocks until the P/E climbed above its long-run average of 14, you would have sold out in the late 1980s and missed an octupling of your money."
  • "I remember you making this comment on the Barbie computer engineer comment page too. and people will actually read it, thereby octupling the average educational achievement of an American."
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