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  • John. ?1514–72, Scottish theologian and historian. After exile in England and on the Continent (1547–59), he returned to Scotland in 1559 and established the Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1560). His chief historical work was the History of the Reformation in Scotland (1586) (noun)
  • Ronald (Arbuthnott). 1888–1957, British priest and author. A convert to Roman Catholicism, he is noted for his translation of the Vulgate (1945–49) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Political chest pouinding and finger pointing will get un nowhere good. bob knox"
  • "See the range at the NEC Bike Show 27th November – 6th December, Stand 2E30 in Hall 2 or go to and request a log-in code for the new KNOX-LAB website."
  • "Anyone who read that thread where you insulted knox saw you get your behind handed to you in a shopping bag from Lee Lee's Valise."
  • "Labels: knox commenter, names, Trooper York posted by Ann Althouse at 7:23 PM"
  • "Audrey, I know it is common for political animals to think in absolutes, but you do realize I hope that Trooper York really does sell clothes, Eurotard really is a "dance and active wear manufacturer" and knox really is an individual -- not a meme."