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Definition of "knick" []

  • To knack or knock slightly; knap; crack.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "knick" in a sentence
  • "Style for style has produced in these days hasty literature and thoughtless improvisation; love for love leads to unnatural vice, onanism, and prostitution; art for art ends in Chinese knick-knacks, caricature, the worship of the ugly."
  • "It is really a very deep traverse with a flattening after eighty yards, a left jog straight downhill, and a bad 'knick' at the bottom just before a bridge-which, though twenty-five feet wide, never seems wide enough."
  • "If every caffeine addict in New York, or Duluth or Sacramento or wherever, asked for fair trade coffee beans, we could eventually turn the entire coffee business into a completely fair trade industry -- but there's no special kind of knick knack that you could buy whose profits will get us out of Iraq, no tchotchkey you can pick up for your nephew that is going to eventually ensure a peaceful resolution between Israel and Palestine."