Definition of "isopropanol" [isopropanol]

  • The aliphatic alcohol 2-propanol; isopropyl alcohol (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "isopropanol" in a sentence
  • "Otherwise, those pre-packaged medical wipes/swabs that are used for disinfection of wounds and injection sites are soaked in isopropanol as well, but they may not be 'wet' enough to be useful to you."
  • "We do know that there are some very nasty chemicals in fracking fluid, like formamide, a "reproductive toxicant" that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says targets organs like the "eyes, skin, respiratory system, central nervous system, [and] reproductive system," and isopropanol which is a main ingredient in household glass cleaners."
  • "When this happened, ketone bodies acetone, acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate were produced, which could then be converted to a secondary alcohol known as isopropanol, said the lead researcher, Wayne Jones, who is also on Sweden’s National Board of Forensic Medicine."