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Definition of "nitromethane" [ni•tro•meth•ane]

  • A colorless, oily liquid, CH3NO2, used in making dyes and resins, in organic synthesis, as a fuel in race car engines, and as a rocket propellant. (noun)

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Use "nitromethane" in a sentence
  • "Besides those two galvanized pipes we've been telling you about all day, they also discovered two vodka bottles that were containing nitromethane, which is very volatile -- very volatile."
  • "Now finely powder AN and add 1 part of this "jelly" to 3 parts AN and knead together with gloved hands (I got some terrific headaches after playing with this stuff, not sure what was the cause of it however nitro compounds such as nitromethane and nitroglycerine (from double based powder) are known to cause it in which case the nitroglycerine may have seperated and was absorbed into my skin or too many nitromethane fumes, so i suggest gloves and gas mask) .."
  • "The National Hot Rod Association's ban on nitromethane fuels for the 1957-58 drag season was hashed over ... again."