Definition of "haber" []

  • An industrial process for producing ammonia by reacting atmospheric nitrogen with hydrogen at about 200 atmospheres (2 × 107 pascals) and 500°C in the presence of a catalyst, usually iron (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "haber" in a sentence
  • "You're absolutely correct that sometimes "it refuses to be squoze", and you're correct that my example of "haber" doesn't literally mean "should" in Spanish."
  • "The Simple tenses only are given -- Compound tenses are formed with the verb "haber" followed by the past participle."
  • "[Footnote 112: The Past Part. following "haber" IS ALWAYS INVARIABLE.] 2."
  • "En 1901 Marconi envi su famosa air wave seal diciendo haber inventado la radio."