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Definition of "haver" [ha•ver•hav•er]

  • To hem and haw (verb)
  • To maunder; to talk foolishly; to chatter; talking nonsense; to babble (verb)
  • The cereal oats. (noun)
  • One who has, possesses etc. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "haver" in a sentence
  • "The safest method was one Mossadniks called haver mevir haver, Hebrew for "a friend brings along a friend.""
  • "The old 50th had its share too, and the blockheads in the East, who 'haver' over their wine of India's being in a state to require no British troops, are wrong: for, liberally contributing the full meed of praise to the Seapoy Battalions, that praise is so rested on the British soldier's example, the want of that 'point d'appui 'would entail a dire want indeed, that of victory!"
  • "'haver', or oats, 10d., a good mower cutting 4 acres a day."