Definition of "drip-drip" []

  • To fall or let fall in drops (verb)
  • The formation and falling of drops of liquid (noun)
  • The sound made by falling drops (noun)
  • A projection at the front lower edge of a sill or cornice designed to throw water clear of the wall below (noun)
  • An inane, insipid person (noun)
  • The usually intravenous drop-by-drop administration of a therapeutic solution, as of salt or sugar (noun)
  • The solution administered (noun)
  • The equipment used to administer a solution in this way (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "drip-drip" in a sentence
  • "For Nigeria, a drip-drip scenario over the course of decades has all but destroyed the Niger Delta wetlands."
  • "And on hands and knees, slowly and cautiously, he crawled on, till his knees were wet on the soggy mold, When he listened he heard naught but the moaning wind and the drip-drip of the fog from the branches."
  • "Dimly they saw him through the smoke of the powder, and in the silence nothing was to be heard save the drip-drip of Dutchy's spilled coffee on the floor."
  • "Since the initial storm over the Terry and Luis Suárez allegations subsided, there has been a drip-drip of increasingly apologist articles, most recently one on Spiked, apparently deeming pretty much any insult spewed within a stadium to be "passion" – surely the woolliest cliche in football – and a quintessential part of the game itself."
  • "No one has a clue what will happen, except that it will all take time, a debilitating drip-drip of bad news all over Britain for years to come."