Definition of "divergence" []

  • The act of diverging. (noun)
  • The state of being divergent. (noun)
  • The degree by which things diverge. (noun)
  • Physiology A turning of both eyes outward from a common point or of one eye when the other is fixed. (noun)
  • Departure from a norm; deviation. (noun)
  • The act or result of diverging or the amount by which something diverges (noun)

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  • The condition of being divergent (noun)
  • The outflowing of airstreams from a particular area, caused by expanding air (noun)
  • The scalar product of the operator, ∇, and a vector function, A, where ∇= i∂/∂x + j∂/∂y+ k∂/∂z, and i, j, and k are unit vectors. Usually written: div A, ∇A, or ∇A. (noun)
  • The property of being divergent (noun)
  • The spreading of a stream of electrons as a result of their mutual electrostatic repulsion (noun)
  • The turning of the eyes outwards in order to fixate an object farther away than that previously being fixated (noun)
  • The evolutionary development of structures or organisms that differ from each other in form and function but have evolved from the same basic structure or organism (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "divergence" in a sentence
  • "The main divergence from the news cycle comes when tragedy strikes."
  • ""This is what I call a divergence," he said, "and I think divergences in markets are really worth paying attention to.""
  • "Extinctions result in divergence of character traits."