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Definition of "div" []

  • A Roman numeral representing five hundred and four (504). (noun)
  • (computing) a function, implemented in many programming languages, that returns the result of a division of two integers (noun)
  • Short for divergence; a kind of differential operator (noun)
  • A foolish person; an idiot. (noun)
  • A section of a web page, or the div HTML element which represents it in computer code. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "div" in a sentence
  • "以下の例ではdetach () を使っているので、DOM要素は削除されますが、detachする前に設定したイベントや$. dataにデータは残っています。 var $div = $ ( '#foo'); var div = $div. get (0);"
  • "i like it so much, but i need a little help here, in the title div i can place a text box and a button in order to send the image in the lightbox via email, but i cant use javascript to show and hide the panel that contains the txtbox and the btn ? any help !"
  • "Because I gave the div an id, I can send text to this div from the code behind page."
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