Definition of "defense" []

  • The act of defending against attack, danger, or injury. (noun)
  • A means or method of defending or protecting. (noun)
  • Sports The act or an instance of defending a championship against a challenger: will box in his third defense of his title. (noun)
  • An argument in support or justification of something. See Synonyms at apology. (noun)
  • Law The action of the defendant in opposition to complaints against him or her. (noun)
  • Resistance against danger, attack, or harm; protection (noun)

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  • A person or thing that provides such resistance (noun)
  • A plea, essay, speech, etc, in support of something; vindication; justification (noun)
  • A country's military measures or resources (noun)
  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • A defendant's denial of the truth of the allegations or charge against him or her (noun)
  • The defendant and his or her legal advisers collectively (noun)
  • The action of protecting oneself, one's goal, or one's allotted part of the playing area against an opponent's attacks (noun)
  • The method of doing this (noun)
  • The team that does not have possession of the ball (noun)
  • The members of a team that play in such circumstances (noun)
  • Fortifications (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "defense" in a sentence
  • "ROBERT GATES, SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Based on my experience serving seven presidents, as a former director of CIA and now as secretary of defense, I am here to make the case for strengthening our capacity to use soft power and for better integrating it with hard power."
  • "ROBERT GATES, SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: More often than not, during my career, the secretary of state, the secretary of defense have not been on speaking terms ..."
  • "(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) DONALD RUMSFELD, SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: I, would start on a personal note -- my time as secretary of defense, I've come away truly inspired by the professionalism, the dedication, the dignity, of the men and women in uniform."