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Definition of "executive department" [executive department]

  • A federal department in the executive branch of the government of the United States (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "executive department" in a sentence
  • "Europe, the contest brought on and maintained by the impatient and fiery spirit of this infatuated old man — and last but not least he has assumed the highest prerogative of princely potentates, in nominating as if by hereditary right a successor for the elevated state which he now occupies — thus has this military chieftain assumed & practically maintained the power inherent right of determining as to the extent of his own powers — thus has he passed the first stage of his progress towards despotism by rendering the executive department of our Government paramount to the constitution to congress and to the hightest tribunals in the land — these Examples which I have adduced, is are to my mind evidence as confirmatory as proofs of holy writ, that it is impolitick, that it is inimically dangerous, for Republicks to elect their presiding officer, from that class of eminent men styled military"
  • "During the war which had just closed, Mr. Dexter, without abandoning any of the political doctrines which he held when in an executive department under Mr. Adams, differed from his party generally; for he thought it the duty of every American citizen to support with his influence and money the government in the prosecution of the war, while the great body of New England Federalists carried their opposition to the administration of the general government so far, that they discouraged enlistments in the American army, and refused to loan a dollar of their money to aid in carrying on the war on the credit of the government."