Definition of "curia" [cu•ri•a]

  • One of the ten primitive subdivisions of a tribe in early Rome, consisting of ten gentes. (noun)
  • The assembly place of such a subdivision. (noun)
  • The Roman senate or any of the various buildings in which it met in republican Rome. (noun)
  • The place of assembly of high councils in various Italian cities under Roman administration. (noun)
  • The ensemble of central administrative and governmental services in imperial Rome. (noun)

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Use "curia" in a sentence
  • "And as such the Jews were shy of conversing with him, and expected Christ should be so; but he shows that, being a true penitent, he is become rectus in curia -- upright in court, as good a son of Abraham as if he had never been an publican, which therefore ought not to be mentioned against him."
  • "He not only has his sins pardoned, and is furnished with grace sufficient for himself, but, as rectus in curia -- acquitted in court, he is restored to his former honours and trusts."
  • "They are recti in curia -- right in court; no sin that ever they have been guilty of shall come against them, to condemn them."